Formby Surveys – The Healthy Option

Following a successful relationship between Liverpool & Sefton Health Partnership and main contractor Galliford Try, we were commissioned to undertake a number of surveys prior to the design and build of several Health Centres across Liverpool.

Today it was announced that building work had commenced on one of the schemes; the £8m centre at Childwall Fiveways.  We undertook a topographical survey and later an underground electrical cable trace on the site prior to the main design work.  The proximity of a nearby electrical sub-station had caused the client some concern as the buried electrical cables entering and exiting the sub-station were shown on statutory plans to cross the development site.  The exact position and depth of these services was therefore an important consideration which needed to be factored into the design process.

This is a great example of a project that ultimately makes the headlines but few realise the part the measurement surveyor plays at the very early stages of such a development.  Our involvement tends to be as early as feasibility stage and sometimes even earlier, but the data we collect and analyse is crucial to forming the base information around which concepts, designs and ultimately construction works are designed.

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