Oscar’s Fund

Many thanks to all those clients, suppliers and friends who helped Oscar’s fund following our appeal in an email from FSL MD Andy Roberts on 31st October 2010.  The fund raising is progressing well with Oscar having had his first consultation on the 3rd November with treatment commencing on the 17th November.

Laura McKeown and her husband Michael, close family friends of Andy Roberts, have a 14 week old baby called Oscar who has just been diagnosed with a condition called ‘plagiocephaly’, commonly known as flathead syndrome, which can be treated but needs to be dealt with asap, before the child’s head bones harden.

The solution is curable and reasonably simple, except the treatment is not available on the NHS and Oscar needs specialist private treatment at a clinic in the Wye Valley (The London Orthotic Consultancy).   During treatment Oscar will be required to wear a tailor-made helmet for 23 hours a day for nine months, to correct his condition.  He will also need to travel to the Wye Valley on a regular basis for dedicated treatment and monitoring of his progress.

Great Ormond Street Hospital report that 40-50% of all babies suffer with some degree of plagiochephaly and research shows that of that 40-50%, 19% will suffer some degree of associated problems, one of which being developmental delay which can lead to long term implications such as severe migraines and increased care requirements for the child… and yet there is NO NHS treatment available!  There is also no registered charity to help the family, which is why they have to do this on their own.

However, we still have some way to go as his condition is slightly more serious than initially thought so please consider assisting by donating to his fund at www.oscarsfund.co.uk

This approach isn’t something we normally adopt but I’m sure you’ll agree that the cause is more than worthy.  Thank you in advance for all your help and support and thanks again to all those who have helped already – it is much appreciated.