The Benefits of 3D Modelling for Design Teams

We understand the challenges of architects and design teams. 3D modelling can provide a solution to those challenges. Here are the benefits of 3D modelling for architects and design teams:

  1. Help to avoid mistakes – To help to avoid mistakes our surveyors will take extensive photographs over the site and neighbouring buildings so we can see where the laser scanner may have missed.
  2. Overcome challenges – The challenges for design teams is the potential shape and size for a new development which is influenced heavily by the Rights to Light (ROL) of neighbouring buildings. To overcome this problem, they can get a 3D ROL model made and have a cutback preformed to calculate the extents to which they can build.
  3. Highlight ROL benefits – Rights of Light is important because it protects people from neighbouring developments that may block out their light and lower the value of the property.
  4. Keeps clients happy – 3D modelling for ROL doesn’t necessarily keep clients happy but it gives them security in their development with the knowledge that they haven’t unlawfully blocked out their neighbours sun light.

If you feel that a 3D model could benefit your design team then please get in touch.