Formby Surveys and Geoterra Cheese & Wine Evening 2017

Last Thursday (9th February) was the Formby Surveys and Geoterra Wine & Cheese Evening, held at Liverpool’s Artists Club.

Organised to give our friends and clients a better understanding of the strategic partnership between Geoterra and Formby Surveys, the night entailed presentations from both company’s managing directors, discussions regarding our UAV services, networking and the sampling of a variety of cheeses, provided by our wonderful friends at Liverpool Cheese Company

Bringing together professionals from an array of working backgrounds, including transport planning, construction, civil engineering and architecture, the event provided those who attended with a great opportunity to generate new business and friendships, whilst getting a thorough understanding of exactly how our strategic partnership could benefit their future projects.

The highlight of the evening was certainly the cheese. Throughout the evening our friends at Liverpool Cheese Company presented a wide selection of cheese, providing information on where each cheese was made, what animal milk was used to make it and what accompaniments should be paired with the cheese.  The cheeses created a real talking point, with most of our attendees reporting how much they enjoyed the charcoal cheese!

Liverpool Cheese Company kindly donated 2 tickets to one of their .  This was added to the prize draw for a bottle of champagne which was won by Paul Jasper of Coresafe Consulting.

We’re very grateful for the attendance of our friends, colleagues and clients at our event and we’re certainly going to plan similar events like it in the future.

Thanks to the Artists Club and to Liverpool Cheese Company and thanks again to those of you who took time out of your busy schedules to join us for the evening!

P.S. For any of you that really loved the charcoal cheese… Click Here