Formby Surveys & Geoterra Form Strategic Partnership

Formby Surveys and Geoterra have formed a strategic partnership with Chartered Land Surveyors and Geospatial Engineers, Geoterra Ltd to enhance our specialist surveying services that we offer to our clients.

If you’re not familiar with Geoterra, they are a fully integrated survey solution for land, engineering and architectural projects above ground and below surface including consultancy, land and building surveys and expert witness.

I have worked with Geoterra Managing Director, Mark Hudson for several years, over that time, we’ve gained a wealth of experience in above and below surface surveying.

The partnership between Formby Surveys and Geoterra enables us to combine our skills and resources, making our shared services very applicable to both the building and civil engineering industry. I really value relationships such as our partnership with Geoterra, their experience in the civil engineering sector in particular makes them an invaluable partner for us.

The partnership is an exciting decision for both of our companies and our clients, it will ensure that both Mark and I can offer an expansive range of surveying services to our clients, including UAV Aerial Surveys, Subsurface Scanning, Void Scanning, Topographical Surveys, Measured Building Surveys, 3D Modelling, and Revit Modelling.

I’m confident that the partnership will impact both of our businesses very positively and I’m excited to begin working together on a more formal level.

Andy Roberts