Formby Surveys in London

Formby Surveys made the decision to open our London office in November 2015 and started trading in the capital on the 1st January 2016. We made the decision to acquire a London office based upon the volume of work that was coming from the south and because more than 30% of our annual turnover came from within the M25.

The new London office has opened a window of opportunities for both our clients and ourselves that wouldn’t be viable if we were solely based in Liverpool. The new office space means that making appointments in London are much easier, removing the 2 hour train journey from Liverpool allows us to be more accessible to clients and partners.

Before having an office in London, a lot of the work coming from the capital and its surrounding areas was Scan to BIM and large scale measured building surveys, as well 360° Photography projects for clients such as the Mandarin Oriental, Hyde Park. Having a base in London has made accessing projects such as this very simple and also enables us to increase the volume of work that we take on.

Our clients in London and the surrounding areas will also able to benefit from our meeting facilities and workspace, making it a great place to discuss new projects. Additionally, our location in the heart of London, just off Threadneedle Street, makes us incredibly accessible and easy to locate.

Andy Roberts, Formby Surveys Managing Director said, “Having office space in London was vital for Formby Surveys’ growth. As the amount of work we did inside of the M25 increased, our presence in London became a necessity. Having the office means that we have a great base to meet with clients and discuss opportunities”.

With new office space and new capabilities to meet and network with new people across London, we’d love to meet you and discuss the services we can provide for your business. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch and arrange a meeting. Although busy, we will always have time to meet new people and clients.