John is a CAA Approved UAV Pilot

John of the Formby Surveys team has become fully qualified to fly UAVs commercially. After months of practicing his flying techniques and digesting the theoretical elements, John has gained full qualifications from Aerial Motion Pictures and is now CAA Approved SUAV (Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) Pilots.

The test ensures that our pilot understands the legislation and restrictions of flying UAV Drones, and certifies that they can fly the vehicles safely.

The practical test examined whether our pilot could safely photograph areas of interest, and how they would react to a variety of emergencies/hazards. Additionally, John carried out a series of exercises, where his ability to stabilise the UAV in wind was assessed.

Andy Roberts, Formby Surveys Managing Director said, “It’s important that we continually integrate the latest surveying technology in to the way we work. Enabling two members of the team to gain UAV licenses means that we can offer this service to our clients, benefiting there projects wherever possible”.

If you are interested in finding out more about how our UAV Surveys & Aerial Inspections can benefit your project then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re more than happy to explain how the surveys work, what they can be used for and how we can help you.