Liverpool Just Keeps Getting Better! The Fabric District

Have you heard of The Fabric District? Us neither till we attended an incredible event with FBE Liverpool. Thanks to an amazing team behind it, Liverpool has an up and coming creative space for all fashionistas, art lovers and designers. The event was held in The Tapestry, a wonderful space with creative incubators located inside and used as workshops for Liverpool’s creative crowd.

The area behind London Road is already home to the superstore habderdashery Abakahan and the area has a rich fashion background. Aswell as fashion, the area is soon to become a wannabe desired destination for cafes and restaurants, in the next 2/3 years around 3000 people will be moving into this area. Parts of it are being developed and buildings are being used to home the massive number of students that Liverpool welcomes every year. As well as students the team behind the developement of Islington are hoping to welcome famillies, business owners and professionals. Jason Abbott owner of The Tapestry building hopes that the up and coming area will build an “even stronger community” in Liverpool.

The Fabric District is located between Islington and London Road and is only a short walk from The Knowledge Quarter.