MIPIM 2016 Review

So, what Cannes we take from this year’s MIPIM?

MIPIM is a property event that causes an annual surge of suited and booted property professionals to descend upon one of the most popular hotspots in the South of France, Cannes.

The picturesque town, normally filled with yacht enthusiasts, beach goers, expensive hotel fanatics, and the occasional movie buff, is filled to the rafters with an array of property specialists, from Architects to Property Developers and from Planners to Retailers, you name it, you’ll find them in Cannes during MIPIM week.

The event’s vibrant and vast selection of attendees makes it an exceptional networking ground for anyone looking to meet potential clients, business partners or even catch up with those who you’ve met before and you just fancy catching up over a bottle of champers at le Bar l’Amiral at the Hôtel Martinez.

Seriously though, having attended MIPIM for my 3rd consecutive year, the event is incredibly valuable to our company’s growth and enables me to meet like-minded individuals whose path I may not have crossed without being a fellow MIPIM attendee and year on year I meet our clients (as well as our client’s clients), re-connect and establish new working relationships.

Having the event in Cannes is certainly a welcomed escape from what’s been a dreary couple of months of British weather, despite the unexpected rain on Wednesday.  There was a handful of highlights from the event for me, including the Curtin’s Wine Tasting, Movers & Shakers Breakfast, the lunch that MBS Survey Software and ourselves hosted and the dinner we held on the Thursday for those that sponsored the ‘Yes Oui Cannes’ Event that myself and Derry Long of MBS Survey Software organised back in February.

After 3 years of attending MIPIM, I can only really take positives away from an event of this size and nature. Attendance has enhanced our company profile, enabled us to expand our customer base and given us a yearly opportunity to re-connect with existing friends and clients, discover new opportunities and of course, the opportunity to soak up some South of France sun.

Can you expect to see me at MIPIM next year? You certainly Cannes!


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