Our staff have completed a confined space entry course

Four members of the Formby Surveys and Geoterra team have completed a two-day confined space entry course to enhance our continually growing range of services.

Managing Director, Andy Roberts, Surveyors Jeff Davies and Andy Fellowes from Formby Surveys and our strategic partner and Geoterra Managing Director, Mark Hudson all attended the course to better serve the requirements of our clients, and to ensure the safety of all members of staff working in confined spaces when completing projects which involve subsurface laser scanning.

The confined space entry course enables our surveyors, individually and as part of a team, to enter a confined space in a trained, competent manner and to fully understand and use confined space equipment in a working environment.  Typical environments of this nature include chambers, manholes, wet walls, vertical shafts and tanks/vessels that require horizontal entry.

The course consisted of two days of classroom environment instructions, verbal Q & A’s, presentations, practical training and assessments.

While on the course, we completed a range of practical and written assessments, assessing whether the risks and safety procedures of entering confined spaces were fully understood, demonstrating the use of emergency escape breathing apparatus, working at height, manning levels and communication, all whilst within a confined space.

Every member of the team passed the assessments and were awarded with certificates, authenticating their achievements and new capabilities.

Our Managing Director, Andy Roberts said, “Completing the course and undertaking assessments like this really adds another string to the Formby Surveys bow. It means we can undertake projects that we may have had to outsource in the past and means that as a team of surveyors, we become more skilled in our practices”.

Our subsurface services, supported by our partner Geoterra, are continually growing and courses such as the confined space entry course enable us to better serve industries such as the water and utilities industries.

If you’re interested in the applications of our subsurface services or our utility mapping services, please don’t hesitate to contact us!