The Third Dimension

Diversifying and broadening the way we think about the work we carry out has never been more important than now which is why research into the area of rendering & graphically enhancing 3D survey data has been happening behind the scenes. This is an interesting subject as it takes us away from the familiar conventional 2 or 3 dimensional line drawings, opening up a number of options in terms of who we can present our product to and for what purpose. Whilst the end product is impressive and graphically pleasing, the important point to remember is it’s a factual representation!

This is something we have often talked about, however making the time or finding the opportunity to transfer discussions, ideas and theories into practice does not always come about that is until now!

Following recent discussions with a long established client, the ideal scenario to implement this style of presenting topographical survey work was finally identified and time could be allocated time to such an idea. Should you wish to discuss your requirements or how we can assist you in the area of 3D data, then feel free to contact us.