VR World

VR World is a 2-day conference and exhibition focused on Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality and its impact beyond the gaming arena. The event brings together over 150 leading speakers, making VR World a VR event than covers more detail than any other VR related event in Europe.

VR World also offered great opportunities to network within the VR community. Attendees had the opportunity to access a variety of pannelled discussions and hear from inspirational keynote speakers who are aiming to redefine the boundaries of virtual reality technologies.

Speakers at the event were incredibly varied, we heard from people in marketing for ITV, digital producers from the BBC, and innovation managers from construction companies such as AMEY and Arup. Hearing such a wide variety of speakers discuss the possibilities of virtual reality in their realm of work emphasises just how many possibilities the technology poses.

VR World offered us great opportunities to understand the full digital reality ecosystem.  From the developer to the end user, our attendance has given us ideas as to how virtual reality technology could be integrated into our working processes and how it could benefit our clients.

Formby Surveys Revit Technician, Sean Withe said, “Coming to VR World has been an incredibly insightful experience. It’s enabled me to see how other people, in similar roles to myself, are using VR to benefit their working practices and their clients. We’re looking to find a way that we can visualise 3D Point Cloud data and models in an immersive environment that will allow our clients to immerse themselves inside their buildings/spaces. Some of the technologies we’ve witnessed at VR World has proven that there are multiple pieces of VR technology that could enable us to offer that as part of our growing list of services”.

To take a look at Sean testing out one of the pieces of VR technology that was being showcased take a look at our latest YouTube video.