Topographical & GPS Surveys

 Topographical Surveys

Topographical Surveys are used to establish and detail the contours of the surface that’s being surveyed, including the exact positioning of features on and around the area that is being mapped. The topographical survey also details features such as roads, manholes, utility poles, walls and buildings, so that the area is accurately surveyed.

Topographical Surveys are commonly used for record mapping, boundaries, property sale and planning permission to name just a few. In topographical surveys, the vast majority of the measurements are carried out with a high quality GPS unit or with electronic EDM instruments.

Unlike other types of surveys where the results are marked using stakes or other landmarks, the results of the topographical survey are presented in the form of contour lines on maps of the land. The results of the survey render details like the elevation of slopes which may be useful figures, particularly if you are intending to build on the land.


GPS Surveys

GPS Surveying is the most technical positioning and data recording technology that is available to today’s Land Surveyor. Using GPS Satellites from across Europe, the receivers record satellite signals and with internal receiver software, sub-centimetre accurate horizontal and vertical positioning data can be provided with reference to any point or feature. The date we receive from a GPS Surveys can be recorded and processed by a variety of software applications, depending on our client’s requirements.

GPS surveys relate closely to the Civil Engineering sector and are adaptable to a wide variety of construction based projects. The usability of a GPS survey enables our surveyors to use various software applications to access an all-round surveying tool.

Topographical Surveys and GPS Surveys are usually required by Architects, Building Developers and Engineers to need specific mapping of a segment of land.

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