360° Photography & Panotours

Formby Surveys has recently integrated the capability of 360° Photography to our continually growing range of survey services. Unlike still photographs or videos, a 360° panorama of a room/area will show any given location in its entirety and will accurately reflect the layout and design of each room.

To provide this service, we’ve integrated the NCTech iStar camera in to our range of specialist equipment. Firstly, the camera enables the capture of true colour image overlays for point clouds meaning true RGB colour values can be applied to existing point cloud data, resulting in a geo-referenced full colour point cloud.

Modern scanners have integrated cameras (including our Leica P20 Scanner), however they provide limited flexibility and average photography. Onboard cameras also mean the photography is taken after the point cloud, as a “second process” meaning a 2 minute scan can result in a 10 minute scan when photography is included. This isn’t the case with 50MP iStar as it means the photography can be taken whilst the scanner is being setup for the next scan, resulting in better photography and a more efficient workflow.

The second area involves 360° panoramic photography for properties and businesses that wish to emphasise areas of their business portfolio such as hotels, restaurants, wedding venues and conference suites. The photography can be “stitched” together to form panoramic tours enabling the end user to navigate their way through a building room by room without visiting the building site.

Our 360° Photography & Virtual Panotours services are often utilised by Architects, Interior Designers and Leisure Clients, such as hotels and gyms, who want to showcase 360° Photography of specific rooms on their websites.

If you require further information regarding this service, or if you would like to request a quote please don't hesitate to contact us.

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