Leisure & Tourism

The tourism & leisure industries provide many opportunities for Formby Surveys, especially in the North West, following the award of Liverpool as the 2008 European Capital of Culture.  The leisure and tourism industries are two of the largest and fastest growing sectors (in 2008, the tourism industry employed over 1.5 million people in the UK) providing opportunities, due to its constantly changing nature, brought about by adapting to keep up with new developments and social trends.

Within this industry there are two main types of attractions – natural and man-made and each affects local communities and environments in different ways;

  • Sport & Physical Recreation
  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Countryside Recreation
  • Home Based Leisure
  • Play / Activity Leisure

This is a sector of growth for Formby Surveys and we play an active role in all of these emerging areas; whether it’s a boundary survey of a sports field, high specification verticality survey for a theatre, 3D digital mapping for a new cycleway, or a large scale topographical survey for a local play area which is being redeveloped by a local authority.

If you're working on a leisure or tourism project and require further information, or if you would like to request a quote please don't hesitate to contact us.

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