Egypt Gallery, World Museum, Liverpool

Category: Architecture & Design , Leisure & Tourism
Tags: Levelling

The Liverpool World Museum has recently received a £300,000 grant towards the expansion and improvement of its Ancient Egypt galleries to display additional artefacts which have never before been seen in public.

As part of this development, National Museums Liverpool required us to undertake a levelling survey in their Egypt Gallery within the Liverpool World Museum to determine accurate spot levels in the required areas to feed into a design for the new exhibition space.

To complete this job we carried out a precise levelling exercise to verify the floor levels throughout the area, identifying any changes in levels. We delivered the results of the survey to the client as a detailed CAD drawing, showing precise measurements for use when refitting the popular Egyptian gallery (pictured above).

Project Details

  • Client: National Museums Liverpool

  • Location: Ancient World Gallery, Liverpool World Museum

  • Service: Precise Levelling