Road Salt Volumetrics

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We continue to be chosen annually by Compass Minerals as one of their preferred survey consultants for their annual stockpile calculations.

Compass Minerals are operators of the UK’s biggest rock salt mine and Britain’s largest supplier of natural rock salt which is used in winter maintenance to thaw icy roads in poor weather, playing a major role in protecting life and keeping Britain’s roads open during the winter months.  The company works in partnership with local authorities and private contractors across Britain, to find practical solutions for the local supply, safe storage and spreading of rock salt.

We are responsible for surveying salt stockpiles at locations across the North of England and Scotland, providing accurate volume calculations for the salt stocks which are maintained by local authorities and private contractors.  The results of our surveys are used as part of a stockpile management database for monitoring and informing the a salt re-ordering system.

The salt is stored in a variety of ways from simple roadside coverings to barns and specially designed salt domes designed to store rock salt in an optimum environment. Each of these storage methods provide different shapes, sizes and configurations of stock piles, all of which require accurate surveys and volume calculations derived from on-site robotic total station measurements which are post-processed to create triangulated, contoured surfaces from which volumetric values are calculated.

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Project Details

  • Client: Compass Minerals

  • Location: National

  • Service: Volumetrics