Red Ochre Stockpile, Bacup

Category: Civils & Infrastructure
Tags: Volumetrics

Formby Surveys were asked to undertake a 3D laser scan and volumetric survey to determine the volume of a red ochre stockpile in Bacup, Lancashire.  Ochre can pose some health and safety issues underfoot and we undertook the survey user a 3D laser scanner to remove any requirement for our surveyors to walk on the material.

During the initial site visit we established semi permanent survey control before laser scanning the ochre pile and creating a meshed terrain surface.  Once the material had been removed we returned for a second site visit and, using the original survey control established during visit 1, we repeated the exercise which resulted in a second terrain surface.  We could then compare the two meshed surfaces and calculate a displacement volume (i.e. the volume of material moved).

Our client required this information to inform a report, detailing what volume of material had been moved.  A volumetric survey is a simple, cost effective way of accurately detailing this kind of information and can be undertaken in a variety of ways depending on site conditions.  In this case a cost-effective and safe solution was to calculate the volume from a point cloud.

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Project Details

  • Client: Geoterra

  • Location: Bacup, Lancashire

  • Service: Volumetrics