St. John’s Shopping Centre, Liverpool

Category: Architecture & Design , Retail
Tags: Measured Building Survey

Retail is a market sector we work very closely with and have been involved in a lot of shopping centre projects in recent years, including the St. John’s Centre’s neighbour, Clayton Square.  It is usual to undertake a measured building survey to create floor plans, elevations and sections for buildings of this type, but occasionally we are also involved in specific niche requirements such as that associated with Liverpool Media Wall.  Most of the time the data is used in areas such as refurbishment, re-branding, area analysis or lease plans.

As one of the units within St. John’s Shopping Centre was being refurbished for a new tenant, we were approached to undertake a measured building survey, detailing all walls, columns, beams, doors and windows within the required space.  Other details surveyed for the client included floor levels, ceiling heights, ramps, drainage pipework and electrical conduit.

Once we had measured all of the required information about the required space, it was processed and plans and sections created, to scale, in CAD and PDF Format.  Once the client received this information, they were able to undertake a design review with their architects to redesign the interior of the space.

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Project Details

  • Client: St. John's Shopping Centre

  • Location: St. John's Shopping Centre, Liverpool

  • Service: Measured Building Survey