The Supermarket’s Choice

The Supermarket's ChoiceFSL has been providing surveying services to supermarket chains for over a decade and we have recently concentrated our efforts on expanding this area of our business and raise our profile as the “Supermarket’s Choice”.  Recent commissions have come directly and indirectly for Wm Morrison, Lidl UK, Sainsburys and Tescos and our range of services have been required, primarily for architects and sub-consultants directly engaged with these household names.

Our services have been required across the length and breadth of the UK and we have undertaken, topographical surveys, measured building surveys, ground penetrating radar and utility surveys, and more recently, area referencing for the calculation of GEA (gross external area) and GIA (gross internal area).

Its clear that our understanding of the layout and operation of the variety of stores that can be anything from the smaller city centre stores to the larger out of town sites ensures repeated enquiries and commissions as our service centres around data rich, accurate and concise drawings delivered on time and as specified – everyone claims this, but few can deliver with the consistency of our survey teams.